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Game Info: Sonic

How to Play:

To play the classic vintage game Sonic for free just use the left and right arrows to move, spacebar to jump and hold down the "n" key and then hold and release the spacebar. Have fun!

Relive the Magic of Sonic the Hedgehog

There can be few people in the world who haven’t had the pleasure of playing a Sonic the Hedgehog game at some point in their lives.

This classic arcade game was released by Sega way back in 1991 and took the games market by storm. It was originally brought out on the Sega Mega Drive machine and has led to a number of spin offs and follow up games on different games consoles in the two decades since its first appearance.

In case you aren’t already aware, the Sonic game involves the player guiding a small blue hedgehog through a world of puzzles and dangerous enemies. The storyline of the original game involves the evil Dr Robotnik trying to capture all of the world’s chaos emeralds in order to enslave all of the animals on Earth. Our hero lives on South Island with a large group of friendly animals but when he finds out about this dastardly plan he takes on the job of saving the world’s animals.

The mission which the player undertakes is to lead Sonic through a variety of levels while collecting the all important emeralds and, finally, defeating the crazy scientist on the final section. The different screens include traps such as spikes and nasty robots to avoid, and Sonic has to use all of his running and jumping ability to get to the next lamppost checkpoint safe and sound before moving on to the next challenge. The range of onscreen feature which need to be overcome or used include springs, falls and slopes, while temporary invincibility is one of the game’s most sought after features.

Immense success on the initial Sega Mega Drive format means that Sonic games have also since appeared on a number of games consoles such as the PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube, Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS. However, there are surely millions of people around the globe who played this game a lot in the original format but have since had little or no contact with it.

This is where the great new free online Sonic games can help lapsed players take a trip down memory lane by having another go at this timeless classic. It is amazing how many people who play this game expecting to be disappointed by the gameplay or the graphics end up enjoying it as much if not more than the first time around.

Anyone who loved Sonic games in their youth but who is now a little bit wary of playing it again for fear of being disappointed should have no worries. The gameplay is as good as you remember it to be and you will soon be lost in the magical world of Sonic the Hedgehog once again.

Equally, those games fans who have never played this classic may view it as being outdated and old fashioned. However, one quick play will probably be enough to convert them. The best games just never seem to age and the nonstop action and easy to pick up controls make this one of the best we have ever seen.