Space Invaders

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Game Info: Space Invaders

How to Play:

All you have to do is use your right and left arrows and spacebar to play this classic vintage arcade game. Space Invaders for free!

The Lasting Appeal of Space Invaders

The hugely popular Space Invaders game has been with us since 1978 and still shows no sign of losing its appeal.

It was originally brought out by the Japanese gaming firm Taito and was one of the very first shooting arcade games as well as being one of the earliest games of any kind to gain widespread acceptance from players of all different ages and backgrounds from all across the world.

This is the game which was the introduction to arcade playing for millions of people, and it is classed in the Guinness World Records as being the top arcade game in the history of the genre. It was also so wildly popular upon its release in Japan that it caused the country to run out of the 100 yen coins which were needed to play it in arcades.

The idea behind Space Invaders is stunning simple, as the player controls a basically designed craft which is able to fire its laser cannon at groups of differently shapes alien enemies who move slowly down towards it. This basic sounding premise has given us a hugely addictive game which has captivated, delighted and frustrated countless players for so many years.

The player can only their craft move from side to side on the screen and as they advance through the game the aliens begin to move faster down the screen, accompanied by an increase in the tempo of the music. If these bad guys make it to the bottom of the screen then the game ends in defeat for the human.

While the craft controlled by the player is protected by bunkers these are gradually worn down as the game progresses. As well as the damage caused by the enemy fire, any stray shots which the player controlled craft fires off under pressure add to the erosion of the shields, and the art of making these last as long as possible soon grew into an important aspect of the game.

During more than three decades Space Invaders has captivated games players and the earnings it has brought for the company behind it had already topped $500 million by 2007. The staggering success of the game has caused many firms to bring out similar shooting games, but none has reached the levels of popularity and cultural acceptance achieved by the original.

Many people can still recall the first time they got a chance to play Space Invaders and are now taking advantage of modern technology to play Space Invaders online for the first time. The ease and flexibility which with the game can be played over the internet means that as well as people who remember it from the first time around there are also younger gamers being attracted to it to find out what all the fuss is about.

The free Space Invaders games found on the internet these days are also a great way to reminisce, and passing a few hours shooting at aliens with some friends guarantees a nostalgic night in with a lot of fun.